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Hurricane Tornado Storm Damage over house at catastrophe site
About Us
What we have to offer
Titanium Claims Management was founded to provide a superior customer service experience. Our Executive Management team consists of family members and long-time friends who believe in hard work and doing the right thing by supporting each other and our clients. We believe that we are a direct extension of each Insurance Company that we do business with. That's why we not only focus on speed and accuracy in our claims handling process, but we also ensure that each homeowner and commercial property client is treated with personalized care and respect.

To that end, our quality control methodology ensures both you and your insured's peace of mind during hectic circumstances. We custom design our estimates to replicate our clients' estimates, reducing your review time. Titanium Claims' in-house central team performs a rigorous multi-step check and challenge review of each claim before final submission. Plus, we use the latest in data protection and encryption technology to protect against data breaches.

With our nationwide roster of experienced, licensed adjusters in every state, we can provide you with service at a moment's notice no matter how big the storm or how widespread the damage. Contact a member of our Executive Management team now to learn more.
Are you looking for a team that you can count on to do the job right? Lower your time spent by file reviewers by contracting with us today.
If you're looking for claims to be completed quickly, you're in the right place. Trust our team of adjusters to contact and reply to homeowners, inspect claims, and turn in reports in an expedient manner.
Anticpating high volumes due to an upcoming storm? Enlist our team of highly qualified independent adjusters to assist you when it matters most!
What our adjusters are saying
"We got the opportunity to get our start working claims during a hurricane in 2012.

"At the time, we had some knowledge on construction but seriously struggled using the computers. To be more specific we weren't even aware how to change the date on your computer

"Fortunately we found ourselves under the leadership of Daniel Bouchard. He was very knowledgeable about the claims handling process and showed us every detail we needed to be able to successfully run claims.

"The training we received was invaluable and didn't focus on one specific aspect but on the entire claims handling processes.

"As a result of this training; we find ourselves constantly deployed for several months and even several deployments that lasted over a year."
- Mary
"When we first started working claims over a decade ago, we were struggling with some of the technical steps required to complete the claims process.

"We tried reaching out to get assistance but at the time there were many new adjusters deployed. The result was a management team with very little time to help those that they consider to be a 'lost cause.' We were frustrated and at the end of our rope when we were introduced to another experienced adjuster in the area.

"Daniel Bouchard sat down with us and helped us with working through the close of one claim. While assisting us he didn't do all the work for us; instead he took the extra time to teach us how to do it. His assistance was invaluable and I couldn't tell you what we'd be doing now if we hadn't worked with him. I know that he truly cares for the adjusters he works with and likewise for the homeowners/business owners that he handles their claims.

"Now we are over a decade into the claims adjusting world and we find ourselves consistently busy throughout the year. I would highly recommend Titanium Claims as a Great resource for both new and experienced adjusters. It's always refreshing to work with a company that cares."
- David